Nelson "Norvis Junior" Nance
Sam O.B.
Naima Ramos-Chapman
Christopher Butler
Jehan A. Giles
Naima Freedom + DAV3
Jane Vora + Jonathon Proctor
Cheeba Cruz
Christina Maldonado
Kwesi Abbensetts
Nappy Nina
William "Donwill" Freeman
Bosque Jovida
Langston Black
Corece Smith
Anna Wise
Nialah Griffin
Afiya Shani W.
Lang$ton Black
Aaron "Saedi" Amado
Bene Viera
Deanna Renee
Amanda Granger
Etecia Brown
Created by DAVE + SAM
Written by Dave Giles II
Produced by Sam O.B.
Recorded by Chris Butler
Mixed by Sam Obey
Mastered by Jeremy Cox
Directed & Edited by Whitney McGuire
Dir. of Photography, Asst. Editor & Motion Graphics by Nelson Nance
Choreography by Naima Ramos-Chapman
Website by Gold Standard Creative
Merchandise by Swimmmers Ear

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